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``Besieged'' Muslims gather for biggest summit since 9/11
PUTRAJAYA - A sense of siege pervaded this designer-city of domes and spires as the world's Muslim leaders gathered for a summit opening Thursday in the shadow of a war on terrorism which many see as a war on Islam.

Kings, sheikhs and presidents gather for Islamic summit
PUTRAJAYA - Two kings, two sheikhs, a sultan, a prince, 20 presidents and seven prime ministers are gathering in Malaysia for the biggest meeting of Islamic leaders since the terror attacks on the United States shook the world.

Asian Muslims take centre stage at OIC summit
PUTRAJAYA Oct 12 - For the first time in its history the Organisation of the Islamic Conference (OIC) will this week hold its summit meeting in Southeast Asia, reflecting the growing importance of Asia's huge Muslim populations.

Islamic leaders call for change amidst terror and turbulence
PUTRAJAYA Oct 12 - Terrorism and new turbulence in global politics forced Islamic nations at a major conference here Sunday to temper their standard anti-Western and anti-Israeli positions with uncomfortable self-examination.

Little more than nice words expected from Islamic meet for Arabs
PUTRAJAYA Oct 12 - The Arab-Israeli conflict will feature high on the agenda of an Islamic summit which opens here Thursday, but analysts say the Palestinians shouldn't expect much more than comforting words.

Islamic summit opens new door for Iraq leadership to assert independence
PUTRAJAYA Oct 12 - An Islamic summit opening here Thursday will be an opportunity for Iraq's interim leadership to garner support from the Muslim world over its widening differences with Washington, analysts said.

Curtain falls on Qatar's three turbulent years at helm of Islamic world
DOHA Oct 12 - Qatar hands over the chair of the Organisation of the Islamic Conference (OIC) to Malaysia next week after three of the most turbulent years the Muslim world has suffered, scarred by the 9/11 attacks on the United States and wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.

The Organization of the Islamic Conference
PUTRAJAYA Oct 12 - The Organisation of the Islamic Conference, opening its 10th trienniel summit October 16 in Malaysia's new administrative capital of Putrajaya, rose from the ashes of the al-Aqsa mosque fire in Jerusalem in September 1969.

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