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ARKIB : 31/03/1999

Dial X For Sex In Vienna's Brothel-On-Wheels

VIENNA - Feeling frisky in Vienna? Call Erotik Taxi.

The mobile brothel sends out a black stretch Cadillac for $250 an hour complete with chauffeur, call-girl or boy, drinks, hard-core porn videos and condoms.

Mileage is unlimited but the route is of little importance to passengers who show scant interest in a scenic spin around Vienna's imperial sights.

''They're busy making out en route, they haven't got time to take in the sights,'' said the manager of Vienna Erotik Taxi and the Sweet Dreams escort and modelling agency, who asked to be identified only as Albert.

''People come to us because we offer a thrilling alternative to sex at home or in a hotel,'' he said.

Most of the clients are businessmen, who use the service to pick them up at the airport or ferry them around the city between appointments.

With the going rate for a house call at $180 an hour, Albert feels his service offers good value at only $70 more.

The lovemobile, which he says is unique in Europe but popular in the United States, has gone down so well in Vienna since its inception in October that another Cadillac has been ordered.

''Our girls are top-notch and we cater to every taste. Blonde, black, or redheads. Tall, short, big-bosomed or ones who specialise in certain acts,'' Albert said.

Clients can choose from 40 women aged 19 to 40 pictured on the agency's website. There is also a handful of men on offer.

The cab is also booked for bachelor parties, coming of age bashes as well as for wedding presents.

The limousine's bar is stocked with beer, wine, sparkling wine and spirits and in case of particularly thirsty customers, the boot serves as a reserve cellar.

''Anything and everything goes,'' Albert said in reference to car conduct rules. ''But we don't provide under age escorts and we insist that people use rubbers (condoms). If they want sex without, we tell them to go to a bordello.''

The taxi service is mindful of clients' desire for privacy. The chauffeur remains in the driver's seat throughout the trip and has no contact whatsoever with the client. Only the escort meets her passenger.

''I get to meet so many interesting people from all walks of life,'' cooed a 20-year-old raven-haired call-girl called Nina in a thick Hungarian accent.

''Some want it this way, others like it that way. It's a great job because there's so much variety.''

The eight-metre long limousine's windows are blacked out on all four sides, including the partition separating the driver from his passengers. Even with the lights on inside and the television running, people outside can barely see in.

The mobile love-nest is also fully soundproof and the doors lock automatically once the car starts moving to avoid unsolicited interruption from the street.

Contact with the chauffeur, whose main requirement is to offer a smooth drive and clean up afterwards, can be made only by hammering hard on the partition.

There is no limit to how many clients or escorts pile into the cab at one time, save space confines, perhaps. If a customer wants to frolic with two or more escorts, he pays an extra $250 each.

The car can be ordered for trips anywhere, even abroad. A regular German customer booked the limo for a whole weekend in Munich at a cost of $5,000.

Bookings are made via the internet or by telephone. Each call is traced back to the caller within five minutes to check against hoaxes.

''We have to screen callers as we get our fair share of perverts and pranksters,'' said Erotik telephonist Kristina.

Albert said the police leave his service alone as the business as well as his escorts is registered with the authorities. No illegal immigrants are employed, he added.

Should police decide to carry out a spot check, however, they would probably not find the canoodlers strapped in, as required by law...Or maybe not. - Reuters

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