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ARKIB : 30/07/2003

Government to tighten law on sale of police and military uniform

PETALING JAYA July 29 - The government is to tighten the law on the sale of the police and military uniform including insignia after an illegal organisation, calling itself "Pasukan Khas Persekutuan Malaysia" (Federal Special Forces of Malaysia, FSFM) was found to have used the police uniform and military insignia to cheat the public, said Deputy Home Minister Datuk Chor Chee Heung.

"We will beef up monitoring of the sale of the police and military uniform because there are people taking advantage of the public respect and esteem of the the uniformed organisations to cheat others and to gain influence," he told reporters after opening a seminar on a drug free workplace for some 500 private sector employees here on Tuesday.

The police arrested 23 senior members of the so-called Special Forces of Malaysia in a crackdown spurred by the arrest of three FSFM members who were said to be on a recruitment drive in Cheras last Wednesday.

Among those in police custody is a self-styled general, Nor Azami Ahmad Ghazali who founded the organisation said to have 8,000 members nationwide, and the police are expected to arrest 17 more senior members soon. Eight others, who realised that they were victims of a scam, surrendered themselves to the police yesterday.

Chor said that at present those who wanted to trade and produce police and military uniform and insignia would need a police permit, a condition introduced following the Al-Maunah incident where 27 men dressed in military uniform carted away over 100 firearms from two army camps in Gerik, Perak on July 2, 2000.

On a news agency report that a senior leader of the Free Acheh Movement (GAM) rebels Sofyan Daud is in Kuala Lumpur, Chor said the police were trying to find Sofyan and if he was caught, he would face the country's law.

Sofyan, who is also a military commander of GAM, was said to have slipped through the Indonesian armed forces in Acheh and flew to Malaysia from Jakarta on a secret mission.

Chor said it was possible that the Sofyan could be travelling under a different name.

On another matter, he said that the ministry might organise a competition and issue certificates to companies with drug free employees as an encouragement to others.

He said the private sector could also seek the help of the National Drug Agency if they wanted to organise anti-drug seminars.

On a drug free Malaysia by 2015, he said that only one percent of the country's population of 23 million was involved in drug abuse and "we need only to reduce it to 0.5 percent."

MEANWHILE, in WEST PORT, Customs Director-General Tan Sri Abdul Halil Abdul Mutalib said on Tuesday that staff found to be involved with FSFM will be sacked.

He said such staff would be considered as having participated in an illegal organisation and being disloyal to the government.

"I've not received any report on the involvement of Customs staff. But then again we never know since it is reported to have 8,000 members," he told reporters after the ground-breaking ceremony for the department's new nine-storey building costing RM49.5 million here.

Deputy Finance Minister Datuk Dr Shafie Salleh, who represented Second Finance Minister Datuk Dr Jamaluddin Jarjis, officiated the ceremony.

He said the department with some 10,000 staff nationwide, would be firm on the matter.

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