21 Januari 2019

Hulu Langat to choose between a lawyer and a former diplomat

Hulu Langat to choose between a lawyer and a former diplomat

KUALA LUMPUR March 18 - Although the Hulu Langat parliamentary constituency is not categorised as a "hot" spot, the contest between the Barisan Nasional (BN) and Pas there on Sunday promises to be interesting.

The two candidates vying for the seat are professionals in their respective fields. The BN is fielding lawyer Markiman Kobiran, while a former diplomat, Datuk Yeop Adlan Che Rose is the Pas candidate.

Markiman said his wide experience as a lawyer spanning almost 20 years in Kajang would help him a lot in providing the best service to the Hulu Langat electorate.

"If chosen, my experience as a lawyer where I'm constantly in touch with my clients and listen to their problems will be fully utilised when discharging my responsibility as a member of parliament," he told Bernama Friday.

Born in Sekinchan, Markiman, 47, plans to develop and modernise more traditional villages especially in Dusun Tua and Semenyih.

"I would also like to see infrastructural facilities, drainage and public utilities in traditional villages be upgraded from time to time," said the protem head of the Hulu Langat UMNO division.

Meanwhile, Yeop Adlan said he would champion the cause of the Hulu Langat residents and strive to ensure that every development in the district benefited everyone.

Calling himself the People's Ambassador, he said his experience as Malaysia's envoy in several countries and international organisations would be made to full use to create a progressive and dynamic community in Hulu Langat.

"I want to uphold justice. I don't want Malaysia to suffer the same fate as Mexico, Brazil, Argentina and many more African countries where the people live in poverty because the governments are burdened by massive external debts," he said.

Since joining the Administrative and Diplomatic Service in the Foreign Ministry in 1967, Yeop Adlan had served as Malaysia's ambassador to Spain and Mexico in 1988 and 1992 respectively.

A former student of the Malay College Kuala Kangsar and a graduate of Oxford University, in the United Kingdom, Yeop Adlan said he would strive to reduce what he claimed as the abuse of power in the country.

The Hulu Langat parliamentary constituency comprises three State Assembly constituencies - Dusun Tua, Semenyih and Kajang, with a total of 79,999 registered voters.

Hulu Langat is the fifth largest dictrict in Selangor and has seven mukims under it, namely Ampang, Beranang, Cheras, Hulu Langat, Hulu Semenyih, Kajang and Semenyih.

In the 1999 General Election, the parliamentary seat was won by BN candidate Badrul Hisham Abdul Aziz who obtained 28,018 votes to beat Keadilan's Dr Mohd Nor Nawawi with a majority of 3,866 votes.