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Do not fool around with Islam

Do not fool around with Islam


Article 3(1) of the Federal Constitution is crystal clear. No ambiguity. The expression of meaning is also unequivocal. Since its formulation, the clause has never been amended. Its position is conspicuous. Matters that give dignity to Islam as the federal religion is emplaced in Part 1 of the Constitution.

It is read after Article 1 on the name of Malaysia and other States and Article 2, which touches on new region in the Federation. Article 4 mentions about the Federal Constitution as the supreme law of the country. The Federal Constitution is

structured in such a way to reflect the importance and sanctity of Islam as the official religion of the land.

However, realizing the racial complexity in the country, Article 3(1) which states “Islam is the religion of the Federation” doesn’t end with a fullstop but a semi-colon before it continues with a phrase “but other religions may be practiced in peace and harmony in any parts of the Federation.” Despite undergoing a process of 40 amendments since its formulation in 1956, Article 3 has literally never been touched for any revision.

Its position and privilege remains. It should be so in line with the position of the majority of its people who are Malays and professed Islam as their religion. However after 52 years of independence, there seem to be an attempt to test the position of Islam. The first attempt which was carried out openly came after a bid to question the special privileges of the

bumputera, which is interpreted as the Malay supremacy.

Matters on Islam and the Malays are spelled out in the Constitution. As such, the incessant effort actually is consciously aimed at ridiculing the spirit of the Constitution. The picture is very clear. What is the purpose of the Taiping Member of

Parliament from the DAP in instigating the issue if not an attempt to question the “sanctity” of the Constitution? Does it not cross his mind before distributing the statement to the media that the issue he had raised is invariably linked with the Federal Constitution? The content of the Constitution has underlined the exalted position of Islam as official religion that should be inherent with financial allocation including for the purpose of building mosques throughout the country.

What then is the purpose of Nga Kor Ming to stir up the issue? Issuing the provocative statement at a time when the communal solidarity is running thin, is nothing more than an attempt to light up the fire of hatred among the people. The statement is crafted to link other community as tax payers that should be given equal rights in all aspect including the building of houses of worship. Has Kor Ming being blind to the houses of worship of other religions which are scattered throughout the

country, many of them at strategic locations? Malaysia being a Muslim country is visited by other believers during the Thaipusam festival.

Hindus from outside Malaysia came to Batu Caves to perform their religious obligation. There are temples located right in

the middle of the city. In a religious festival, the giant incenses are burnt in open space without any hindrance although it goes against environmental law. The freedom is line with the provision in the Constitution which allows other religions to be practiced in the country with the condition that it is to be carried out in harmony.

When Kor Ming charged that followers of other religions are being treated as “step-child” by the government for not being given financial allocation as much as in the construction of mosques, it is a misplaced issue. Kor Ming has forgotten that in many countries which specify a certain religion as its official religion, it comes with special privileges.

In Thailand where Buddhism is the official religion doesn’t accord Muslims, who are also tax payers, the same privileges

in building their mosques. Muslims in other countries had been restricted to practice their religion and many had to flee after being persecuted. Kor Ming should not have been blind with the fate of these Muslims.

What about the developed countries which claimed to practice the highest form of democracy? Are the Muslims there accorded the same so-called freedom enjoyed by others and behave disrespectfully as Kor Ming does in this country? So what is the most logical justification for Kor Ming in kicking up the issue which is contradictive to the spirit of the Constitution? If the

spirit of the Constitution is to be taken literally, the government has the right not to fork out even a single cent of allocation for other religion.

However, out of respect and generosity, the government is kind enough to give out millions of ringgit in allocation for the houses of worship of other religions. But such benevolence is seen by the likes of Kor Ming with blind eyes. More worrying is the 1Malaysia slogan which is being twisted to serve their dubious interest.

Effort initiated by Kor Ming should not be allowed to continue. The repercussion will be severe. The Federal Constitution which form the foundation of a country called Malaysia must be protected at all cost and should not be made the “basis” for any outbreak of racial tension and the fall of Islam as the official religion of the country.

The WRITER is News Editor of Utusan Melayu