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Why is UMNO a sacred party?

Why is UMNO a sacred party?


May 11 marks this sacred party’s 66th anniversary, an adult and wise age. To the opposition, they see it as the dying age. Initially, I am not an UMNO supporter, but a staunch Pas supporter , because of Anwar Ibrahim, around 1998 to 2003. it was during this period with Pas that I began to see the “greatness” of UMNO. From hating UMNO, I began to study why UMNO is said to be a sacred party. The opposition succeeded in sowing a deep hatred for UMNO and, at that time, Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, in me. In fact, I used to raise my feet at a photograph of him when watching television.

When an announcement on Dr Mahathir’s resignation was made, I cried in front of the television set. I asked myself why. Thre have to be something special in that Umno leader. I found many reasons which will never make me turn my back on UMNO until I die. UMNO does not promise me heaven, but I believe by supporting Pas, it is paving my way to hell. However, I still wonder, why is UMNO weak , when it should be having members who are willing to die for the party. Why should UMNO members wait for a directive to pursue the party’s struggle.

I see the weaknesses of certain members and leaders, who should be prepared to ensure victory for UMNO/BN in their respective constituencies. This should motivates them to work hard with the approaching 13th general election. I can still remember an interview with Tun Dr Mahathir by Mingguan Malaysia on 20 November 2011. What can be concluded from Tun’s comments on UMNO, the umbrella of Islam, the Malay strength and the people’s harmony, is the love for the party.

The question is why is it that UMNO still fail to convince the fence-sitters and members of the opposition parties klike in 1998/99. Why is it that UMNO/BN’s strategy always fail. To the people, it is as if only the Prime Minister and his deouty are working hard to convince the people of UMNO/BN’s contributions. Where are UMNO liaison chairmen, the division heads and information chief, and branch leaders. Is it so difficult to organize programmes to get close to the fence-sitters and the staunch opposition supporters. It saddens me to know that almost all UMNO programmes and activities are for party members and held in closed-doors. Most of these activities are about visits, sports activities which do not generate new supporters for the party.

As a former supporter of the opposition, I see a majority of the UMNO leaders do not think out of the box. They also care about members who are loyal to them. UMNO dares not do like the opposition, like having mammoth ceramah and using loudspeakers. The opposition also distribute pamphlets which contain slander against the BN government. The opposition’s campaign is simple and cheap. Prove of its effectiveness is its ability to retain power in Kelantan for 21 years, despite absence of development. They were also able to conquer four other states in the 12th general election.

Based on observation, UMNO members do not read much and not willing to spend RM1.50 to buy the Utusan Malaysia newspaper. Otherwise, they would have gotten many inputs. Umno supporters should not rely on fate alone without working hard. It is not wrong for Umno to emulate the opposition. We are aware of the disaster that might befall if the opposition pact comes into power. For a comfortable win, make changes and adopt a different strategy. The writer is a registered counselor and motivational consultant.